5 Reasons to Print Now

June 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We're all guilty of it - relying heavily on technology. After all, it's a digital world. Even when it comes to photos we depend on our devices to store our memories, share our memories, and keep our memories for generations to come. Yes, generations to come. Think about that. I am fortunate enough to have photos of both my maternal grandparents as children. One is of my grandmother with her parents, in Sweden, when she was just 2 years old (taken in 1912). The other is of my grandfather, uncle and great grandmother when my grandfather was 6 years old (taken in 1906). These original photos are a bit tattered. However, my great-grandparents once held these photos. My grandparents once held these photos. My parents held these photos. Now I hold these photos. No digital devices required. Wow!!

It's time we got back to basics and started to print our photos again. Not every photo you take, just the one's that mean something to you. This can be people, places, or things. The one's that evoke emotion deep inside of you. The one's you love to post so your friends and family click "like" on in Facebook. Print, not to stuff in a drawer or shoe box, like our parents did. Print to decorate your home or office. Print so you don't have to fire up your computer to see your photos. printed framed photos Print to Decorate Your Home!!Framed wall art makes a beautiful visual display.

Here are 5 reasons we need to print our photos:

1.  Printing is real. You can touch it. You can hang it on a wall. You can place it in an album. It is now a real object with a real presence.

2.  Not everyone is online. Believe it or not, there are still people who do not have a Facebook account and could care less about Instagram. There is still magic in sharing a printed photo. 

3.  Technology is always changing. A couple of years ago everyone was storing photos on CDs. Today you can't even purchase a computer with a CD drive. Flash drives are now the way to store photos. What happens when technology changes again? Photographers store photos on external hard drives and use cloud storage. Guess what? These platforms can fail. As time goes on the way we digitally store files will change. Just the way the world is.

4.  Print for your grandchildren's children! When you are long gone the photos remain. Think of generations to come viewing and holding the same photos you once held and viewed. When the generations to come hold your photos they become connected to the world they were created in. It is up to us to make sure they can have this experience.

5.  Print to decorate. What can be more beautiful and unique than decorating the walls of your home and office with photos you took or had taken for you? Print so you can be surrounded by the beauty of happy memories and beautiful scenes!

Technology is fun and provides us a quick way of sharing our photos. It provides us with instant feedback and a "like" on Facebook makes us feel good. There is nothing wrong with that. Let's just take it a step further and print our photos too. Nothing can replace the printed photo that we can hold in our hand and decorate our homes with. Let's get back to experiencing the magic of a printed photo.



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