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December 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My journey into Fine Art Photography continues. I've developed a daily routine to get my creative juices flowing. Each day (Monday - Friday) I block out four (4) fifty (50) minute sessions, each with a 10-minute break. The routine has helped me get past creative blocks. I am careful not to get caught up in "this is how I do things and this is my style" as this will cause me to rest on my laurels and stop progressing. When I am not creating, I am brainstorming.

During the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a series featuring the grace and beauty of women. Lately, the news has been about the objectification and sexual harassment of women along with the firing of the men who are the offenders. The time of silence and excuses are over. Enough is enough as women are coming forward and speaking up. 

Below is a piece called "Ice Dancer." Ballet is the epitome of grace and beauty.  The freedom and grace are magical as this young woman dances with abandon. This piece combines two Adobe stock images along with the creative touches of flying fabric, sparkles, and color toning. 

Ice DancerIce Dancer

In our society, we tend to equate grace and beauty with youth. In my next piece, an older woman finds peace and serenity in a field of flowers. As she breaths in the fragrance of the roses, she is reminded of her strength and elegance. The woman is from Adobe stock and added to a field of flowers background with added touches of texture, toning, and painting.

Graceful StillGraceful Still Which woman speaks to you? 

My evolution of an artist continues. Each day I practice and learn more. My goal is never to cease learning and growing.


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