The Christmas Watch Dogs

November 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cozy and warm on a peaceful Christmas morning, the watchdogs are asleep on the job as Santa visits with presents. This piece is titled "The Christmas Watch Dogs" as it reflects my own two dogs who are so comfortable in their own home that unless they hear a cheese wrapper, will sleep through anything.

The Christmas Watch DogsThe Christmas Watch DogsNala and Tank are sound asleep as Santa pays a visit.

Sometimes in fine art photography you don't have the perfect background or the elements to create the perfect background in your own stock of images. This is when you search for stock or backgrounds to purchase. This is an example of an image in which I purchased the background from Fairy Magic Chest on Etsy. The creator of this background is Angeles Ruiz of Paris, France.

To add my own two dogs to this background I first had to determine the proper angle and perspective in which to photograph them. I found a very easy way to do this by using Pixel Squid ( Pixel Squid offers 3D images to add into a photo using Photoshop. The great thing about Pixel Squid is you can rotate the image in Photoshop to get the right angle and perspective. I put a Pixel Squid image into the scene and rotated it until the angle and perspective looked right. This helped me determine what I needed to do in camera while taking photos of my dogs. Once I was done I deleted the layer with the Pixel Squid image.

Luckily both dogs were sleeping so I took their photos, uploaded them to Lightroom, and then brought them into Photoshop. Once I cut out the background on each dog image I moved them into the Christmas scene. I then adjusted for the proper size and blended them into the scene with lighting, color, and contrast. 

Creating fine art composite images opens up a whole new world of creativity. 



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