Fine Art Photography

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Fine Art PhotographyFine Art PhotographyFine Art Photography combines both art and photography to create a visually stunning piece.

What is "Fine Art Photography?" Technically no definition exists for this term. However one can see the difference between a good photo and a fine art photo. Look at the photo above of the two elephants and look at the photo below of the two elephants. See the difference?

ElephantsElephantsPhoto of two elephants to demonstrate the difference between a photo and fine art photography. When creating Fine Art Photography the photographer starts with a vision of what the final image will look like. The photo is taken in the traditional way - with a camera. Then the photo is processed digitally in photo processing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz, On1, Corel Painter, MacPhun or other. All photographers process their photos in one of these types of programs (or use a little from each). However, the Fine Art Photographer will go a step further to create a piece that brings imagination to life.

In the Elephant photo I envisioned these elephants living in the wild instead of captivity. I wanted to create how I envisioned them out on an African savannah. I wanted soft light and beauty. So I created it in the digital world by using a combination of Photoshop, Topaz Impression and Corel Painter 2017. I wanted it to look like a painting, yet still look like a photo. I wanted a feeling of peace and happiness to wash over the viewer. 

Fine Art Photography takes time. You choose the right photo for your vision and then edit it digitally. It can take hours to bring your vision to life. If you are creative and enjoy art this is a wonderful way to marry photography and fine art to create unique pieces that are visually beautiful and look great hanging on a wall in your home or office.


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