Composition - Communicating Scale

March 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Did you ever take a photo of a building, mountain range or beach and then be disappointed with the result? It is most likely that you didn't establish a scale. Place something of a known size in the frame to establish a scale. 

Establishing a scale lets the viewer know how large or small the subject is or how near or far a subject is. Here are a few photos showing the use of scale in composition.

FireworksFireworksSymphony in the Stars at Disney's Hollywood Studios This photo was taken along a lake at Disney's Hollywood Studios. You can see the grassy shoreline and the entrance to Hollywood Studios. The shoreline and entrance structures provide a scale and sense of distance for the fireworks.

SunsetSunsetSunset at the Villas at Grand Floridian Here you have a palm tree and lounge chairs in the foreground and the subject in the background. The foreground provides a sense of distance to the subject.

Wedding ChapelWedding ChapelWedding couple at Disney's Wedding Chapel The wedding couple coming out of the chapel provide a sense of scale to this photo. The rocks in the foreground along the shore provide a sense of distance.


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